Monthly Brand is an exercise in brand identity. The mission is to complete a meaningful and unique visual or set of visuals for one fictional client per month. The purpose is to become a more thoughtful, experienced and skilled graphic designer in this specific field. Though that is the aim in a nutshell, there are sub-missions as well. I wish to expand my portfolio, not only in quality, but in breadth. I want to control the clients and content of my projects, and give myself projects that I have never experienced. I wish to constantly sharpen my skills and remain abreast of trends, industry standards, tools of the trade, and by criticism and comparison, more clearly define my personal design philosophies and craft.

The purpose of Monthly Brand is to get better. It is my sketchbook of the designs I want to do. It is a place to be messy, and a place to clean up messes. It’s a place where I’ll make problems, and I’ll generate solutions. It’s a place where I wish to make visuals that make me smile, even if they are dark or unpopular. I wish it to be organic, to change, to alter and hopefully to seam back up into a new creature every day, week, or month. I wish this to be the process for the monthly manufactured clients, the site itself, and for me. I understand that I cannot force a process upon myself, so that is why I consider it an exercise. I have a goal, but it is not to create a fully branded product or service every month—that is the framework. The goal is to be a stronger designer every day.