Month­ly Brand is an exer­cise in brand iden­ti­ty. The mis­sion is to com­plete a mean­ing­ful and unique visu­al or set of visu­als for one fic­tion­al client per month. The pur­pose is to become a more thought­ful, expe­ri­enced and skilled graph­ic design­er in this spe­cif­ic field. Though that is the aim in a nut­shell, there are sub-mis­sions as well. I wish to expand my port­fo­lio, not only in qual­i­ty, but in breadth. I want to con­trol the clients and con­tent of my projects, and give myself projects that I have nev­er expe­ri­enced. I wish to con­stant­ly sharp­en my skills and remain abreast of trends, indus­try stan­dards, tools of the trade, and by crit­i­cism and com­par­i­son, more clear­ly define my per­son­al design philoso­phies and craft.

The pur­pose of Month­ly Brand is to get bet­ter. It is my sketch­book of the designs I want to do. It is a place to be messy, and a place to clean up mess­es. It’s a place where I’ll make prob­lems, and I’ll gen­er­ate solu­tions. It’s a place where I wish to make visu­als that make me smile, even if they are dark or unpop­u­lar. I wish it to be organ­ic, to change, to alter and hope­ful­ly to seam back up into a new crea­ture every day, week, or month. I wish this to be the process for the month­ly man­u­fac­tured clients, the site itself, and for me. I under­stand that I can­not force a process upon myself, so that is why I con­sid­er it an exer­cise. I have a goal, but it is not to cre­ate a ful­ly brand­ed prod­uct or ser­vice every month—that is the frame­work. The goal is to be a stronger design­er every day.