Client 9: Quando

Quando is a small company in Southern California that makes surf boards, surf gear and swimwear. It was started by a group of old friends who traveled a large portion of the world when they were younger, mostly in South America, to surf. The goal of the company, built on the trades and fine crafts of several of the friends’ skills, is to capture the spirit of when surf culture first became popularized on the west coast in the early 1960s. Being a sports gear maker however, it is also an intent to capture the excitement and vivacity of a young surf and skate fashion.

Though much has changed over the years in the surf industry, many of the classic conventions and tones still prevail in today’s look and energy. The identity for Quando was a journey from old through new modes, patterns and colors, and in the end hopes to apply a retro and multi dimensional brand mark into a scene that retains the passions and nostalgia of a simpler era.

The clients for Quando are relaxed and enjoy­able and they’re eager to put a stamp on their boards and cloth­ing that suits their style. Some rather outside-the-box words from them to help describe what Quando should reflect fol­low:

• Wave
• Ride
• Throw­back
• Yes
• Free

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