Client 9: Quando

Quan­do is a small com­pa­ny in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia that makes surf boards, surf gear and swimwear. It was start­ed by a group of old friends who trav­eled a large por­tion of the world when they were younger, most­ly in South Amer­i­ca, to surf. The goal of the com­pa­ny, built on the trades and fine crafts of sev­er­al of the friends’ skills, is to cap­ture the spir­it of when surf cul­ture first became pop­u­lar­ized on the west coast in the ear­ly 1960s. Being a sports gear mak­er how­ev­er, it is also an intent to cap­ture the excite­ment and vivac­i­ty of a young surf and skate fash­ion.

Though much has changed over the years in the surf indus­try, many of the clas­sic con­ven­tions and tones still pre­vail in today’s look and ener­gy. The iden­ti­ty for Quan­do was a jour­ney from old through new modes, pat­terns and col­ors, and in the end hopes to apply a retro and mul­ti dimen­sion­al brand mark into a scene that retains the pas­sions and nos­tal­gia of a sim­pler era.

The clients for Quan­do are relaxed and enjoy­able and they’re eager to put a stamp on their boards and cloth­ing that suits their style. Some rather out­side-the-box words from them to help describe what Quan­do should reflect fol­low:

• Wave
• Ride
• Throw­back
• Yes
• Free

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