Client 8: Ambrosia

Ambrosia is a sibling company to Satyr, a previous client built for Monthly Brand in 2011. The key to this project was leaning on an existing identity to develop something wholly new but visually attached to the Satyr brand. Ambrosia, like its sibling Satyr, is a fragrance perfume, but for women and not a cologne for men.

It’s namesake means the fruit or nectar of the gods, and takes further the allusion of the ancient and Grecian mythologies. Where Satyr represents a horned creature, half man half goat who cavorts in forests and carouses with women, Ambrosia implies a sacred and beautiful sensation that might be revered by the gods of ancient times. Where Satyr is a vibrant, wild and nat­ural musk, Ambrosia is a sen­sual, hon­eyed, and rap­tur­ous fragrance.

Ambrosia offers the fol­low­ing words to help char­ac­ter­ize the kind of fra­grance it is, and wishes to embody:

• Fem­i­nine
• Divine
• Sweet
• Majes­tic
• Ephemeral

Logo and application to packaging for the two sibling brands below:

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