Client 8: Ambrosia

Ambrosia is a sib­ling com­pa­ny to Satyr, a pre­vi­ous client built for Month­ly Brand in 2011. The key to this project was lean­ing on an exist­ing iden­ti­ty to devel­op some­thing whol­ly new but visu­al­ly attached to the Satyr brand. Ambrosia, like its sib­ling Satyr, is a fra­grance per­fume, but for women and not a cologne for men.

It’s name­sake means the fruit or nec­tar of the gods, and takes fur­ther the allu­sion of the ancient and Gre­cian mytholo­gies. Where Satyr rep­re­sents a horned crea­ture, half man half goat who cavorts in forests and carous­es with women, Ambrosia implies a sacred and beau­ti­ful sen­sa­tion that might be revered by the gods of ancient times. Where Satyr is a vibrant, wild and nat­ural musk, Ambrosia is a sen­sual, hon­eyed, and rap­tur­ous fra­grance.

Ambrosia offers the fol­low­ing words to help char­ac­ter­ize the kind of fra­grance it is, and wish­es to embody:

• Fem­i­nine
• Divine
• Sweet
• Majes­tic
• Ephemer­al

Logo and appli­ca­tion to pack­ag­ing for the two sib­ling brands below:

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