Client 7: Lindsey Warford

Lindsey Warford is a young professional harpist in the city of New York. Though she is a very experienced musician, even maintaining a solid client base in other cities in the past, she wished to reinvent her identity a bit, and most notably come away with marketing materials to begin building a foundation of work in her new home. Lindsey is a real person, as opposed to the traditional M.O. of Monthly Brand, which is to invent a client or company in which to brand. She’s a friend and a fantastic musician, and deserves a little branding attention to get the absolute most out of her burgeoning business.

We decided that the good photography already in hand of Lindsey with her harp (Apollo), was a great way to diverge her targets into realms of Celebration, Corporate and Healing events. Further, any monogram, typography, or graphic elements that present her should tune to all of those targets at once, giving her an all encompassing identity she is satisfied with, and also suits the attention of her industry.

Amongst many of her talents and qualities, we focused on a few words that best describe and distinguish Lindsey to help describe her. These words helped build a foundation for how the graphics were resolved:

• Per­sonal
• Qual­ity
• Attrac­tive
• Ver­sa­tile
• Therapeutic

You can see all of the pages devoted to the process of this visual brand here.

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