Client 6: Reinhardt

Rein­hardt is a radio elec­tron­ics com­pany that offers the high­est end qual­ity of sound and attrac­tive antique-inspired con­soles. It seeks to mar­ry the sen­si­bil­i­ties of the ori­gin of radio broad­cast­ing with the cur­rency of mod­ern dig­i­tal, satel­lite and mobile tech­nol­ogy. The radios that Rein­hardt pro­duces are ever-last­ing and depend­able just like many of the mod­els of the past, but they also strive to rest as a thing of beau­ty that may com­pli­ment and bring com­fort to any envi­ron­ment.

Rein­hardt offers these defin­ing words to help steer the design of their iden­tity:

• Clas­sic
• Sleek
• Hand­some
• Advanced
• Qual­i­ty


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