Client 2: Zenith

Zenith is a med­i­ta­tion and relax­ation cen­ter based in the cen­ter of urban areas as a respite for face-paced pro­fes­sion­als. They offer med­i­ta­tion, mas­sage, acupunc­ture, yoga, tai chi and even clean pri­vate space for nap­ping. Their intent is to heal and revi­tal­ize the stressed and fatigued. They believe that pro­duc­tiv­ity and peace comes from men­tal clar­ity and prop­er health, and they hope to pro­vide ser­vices and class­es to help oth­ers achieve that. Their tar­get is most­ly the pro­fes­sional pop­u­la­tion. Though both sex­es are intend­ed tar­gets con­sid­er­ing the realm of the busi­ness world, their cus­tomers tend to be more on the side of females. Zenith also hopes to serve any cus­tomer regard­less of creed since some of its prac­tices were devel­oped through reli­gious dis­ci­plines in the past.

Five words that typ­i­fy Zenith:
• Qui­et
• Clear
• Aligned
• Aware
• Focused

Final Logo:

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  1. Love this one! It real­ly cap­tures every­thing you described about the com­pa­ny but in an under­stat­ed way and it tells a sto­ry.

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