Client 15: Clyve

Clyve is a com­pany found­ed by an engi­neer turned chef tar­get­ing “bud­ding chefs” and home cooks with a desire for qual­ity, safe­ty and pre­ci­sion in their kitchen tools. The brand had a long jour­ney of devel­op­ment, from the research of clas­sic cut­lery com­pa­nies to con­glom­er­ates that whole­sale knives and plug them on food tele­vi­sion series. There was a res­o­lu­tion that cook­ing is often roman­ti­cized, but knives are made by com­pa­nies that have a long and dat­ed his­tory, and their brand­ing shows. There was an oppor­tu­nity to bring some­thing more appro­pri­ate to the look for a cut­lery brand, and so rep­re­sen­ta­tion became key.

Read more here about how the brand evolved into the pol­ished logo mark it is now.


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