Client 14: History

His­tory is a tat­too par­lor run by a tal­ented and trav­eled artist. Because of their bur­geon­ing noto­ri­ety and suc­cess, they wish to find a unique voice for their busi­ness that reflects an empha­sis on ardor and cul­ture, but wish to retain a sense of indi­vid­u­al­ity with a val­ue for per­sonal expe­ri­ence. Such is the nature of tat­too.

His­tory has offered these words to help dis­tin­guish their brand:
• World­ly
• Weath­ered
• Sole
• Human
• Remem­ber

The logo for the client evolved from visu­als that stretched the mean­ing of per­sonal his­tory into a patch­work of inter­pre­ta­tions, lit­er­ally trav­el­ing down the path of stitch­ing and thread­ing togeth­er the typog­ra­phy. Although stitch­es def­i­nitely came with the grit befit­ting the indus­try the threads were throw­ing the iden­tity off, and the visu­als were not com­ing out attrac­tive (even in a gris­ly way). What devel­oped was the notion of a mono­gram or sig­na­ture, an imprint that defined their char­ac­ter in a unique inter­lock­ing stamp. With much exper­i­men­ta­tion in the assem­bly of the sev­en let­ters I came to an array that dis­torted the norms of typog­ra­phy, fas­tened their archi­tec­ture for uni­fi­ca­tion and scoured the strokes to com­mu­ni­cate that the par­lor was weath­ered, expe­ri­enced and world­ly.

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