Client 13: Haiku Den

Haiku Den is a col­lec­tion of artists with a goal to bring inter­ac­tive haiku, both clas­sic and mod­ern to audi­ences over the web, in books and through mobile devices. Their aims are as eclec­tic as inter­pre­tive paint­ings, per­sonal poetry, newslet­ter items on the art of haiku and host­ing poetry slams. They’re an online community who share their musings, artwork and rhetoric through haiku, but also through haiga and senryu. The brand centers around a web site, which also extends into a mobile application. Not unlike Found Magazine or Post Secret, Haiku Den seeks to aggregate artistry from the public but steers the aesthetic towards zen poetry, simplicity and mindfulness.

They’ve offered these five words to help dis­till their char­ac­ter:
• Zen
• Cur­rent
• Poetic
• Acute
• Atmosphere

The logo is thin and con­trolled, sim­ple but mean­ing­ful and delib­er­ate but spa­cious. The H and D let­ter­forms are merely ghosts, sub­text to the form of the logo, and the three neg­a­tive spaces that are formed from their join­ing lay a foun­da­tion for the premise of three lines of verse in a clas­sic haiku poem, pre­sent­ing their “images” in the con­text of the writ­ing. The pseudo-H let­ter­form that makes up the left two spaces is serendip­i­tously allow­ing those spaces to breathe, and release from the con­tain­ment of the whole form, giv­ing way to a com­fort­able form that does not feel locked or restrained, but open and forgiving.

The col­ors that resolved for Haiku Den are blended radi­ant washes of prac­ti­cally any com­bi­na­tion. The motif is a feath­ered cir­cu­lar form with a lin­ear gra­di­ent within, usu­ally over­lay­ing an image or sim­ple grey back­ground. These bulbs of lucent color sup­port the brand­ing by bring­ing a sense of enlight­en­ment to the devices and mate­ri­als where Haiku Den would be pre­sented. Ide­ally, in a mobile or online plat­form, I imag­ine these bulbs slowly chang­ing hue and glid­ing in an atmos­pheric medium, and espe­cially fol­low­ing any click, touch or move­ment made on the sur­face. Haiku is a breath­ing, liv­ing and glow­ing art form, and these shift­ing col­ors could be a sim­ple and del­i­cate way to express this.

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