Client 10: Grass Fire Vineyards

Grass Fire is a win­ery that took over a plot of land in the Alexan­der Val­ley that expe­ri­enced the trau­ma of a wide spread fire many years ago, ruin­ing many acres of fruit-bear­ing grapes. They are a young com­pa­ny that has tak­en on the chal­lenges of revi­tal­iz­ing the crop from a soil that requires much atten­tion. Though the wines are young, they do have some mature fla­vor and dimen­sion to them. They wish to be known for this matu­rity, but also for being pro­gres­sive, hav­ing an inter­est­ing sto­ry, and lov­ing the process and lux­ury of wine. They real­ize that the fire that has become their name­sake was an oppor­tu­nity and not a loss; that it was nat­ural and organ­ic, and hope­fully this atten­tion and respect helps them under­stand their fruit even more. Grass Fire has pro­posed the fol­low­ing 5 words to help encap­su­late their brand:

• Bold
• Lay­ered
• Toasty
• Sea­soned
• Rebirth

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