2 responses to “Weather Map Arrows, Snowflakes, and Circular Saw Blades”

  1. First, love Pine Boy. It took a minute but the logo grew on me and it feels almost magical really. Second, maybe I am biased to the Hurricanes because I was around when they first came on the scene and actually made a run at the Stanley Cup just two years being the Carolina Hurricanes. But I like how the Canes logo has that hockey puck in the center like it is spinning in the eye of the storm. I am sure you have done your research but the Nor’Easter also is known for its strong winds and not just frozen precipitation. It might be good to skew the snowflake to show the strength, motion, and force of the incredible gusts these storms can show. I love the image of the edges of the snowflakes being rather sharp and I spent all of two seconds deciding that they should not be hockey sticks. I hate for it to mimic the Canes but the center of the snowflake just aches to be a puck. Overall, love the direction.

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