2 responses to “Weather Map Arrows, Snowflakes, and Circular Saw Blades”

  1. First, love Pine Boy. It took a minute but the logo grew on me and it feels almost mag­i­cal real­ly. Sec­ond, maybe I am biased to the Hur­ri­canes because I was around when they first came on the scene and actu­al­ly made a run at the Stan­ley Cup just two years being the Car­oli­na Hur­ri­canes. But I like how the Canes logo has that hock­ey puck in the cen­ter like it is spin­ning in the eye of the storm. I am sure you have done your research but the Nor’Easter also is known for its strong winds and not just frozen pre­cip­i­ta­tion. It might be good to skew the snowflake to show the strength, motion, and force of the incred­i­ble gusts these storms can show. I love the image of the edges of the snowflakes being rather sharp and I spent all of two sec­onds decid­ing that they should not be hock­ey sticks. I hate for it to mim­ic the Canes but the cen­ter of the snowflake just aches to be a puck. Over­all, love the direc­tion.

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